Mastercard understands the power of her ideas. And we’re working for her along the way.

Gain the purchasing power you need to take care of business anytime, anywhere.

Get premium services and luxury amenities plus rewards, greater flexibility and higher?spending limits.

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Start Path gives business the innovation it deserves. With access to Mastercard’s technology, solutions expertise and partners around the world, she can scale her business more rapidly.

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Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth is partnering with Grameen America to introduce financial technology solutions to enhance our ability to promote digital financial access and inclusion for low-income minority women entrepreneurs across the United States.

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Accion is a global nonprofit committed to creating a financially inclusive world, with a pioneering legacy in microfinance and fintech impact investing.

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Her Ideas Start Something Priceless?

She’s committed to her ideas. And we’re committed to her.

Create & Cultivate

Together with Create & Cultivate, we’re gathering the brightest women entrepreneurs out there, to share their small business advice, and inspire thousands of other women to have their own ideas

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