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Open Banking Protect

Reduce exposure to liability and fraud

Real-time protection against compromised providers

Open Banking Protect helps to increase the confidence of financial institutions when approving third-party requests to protect themselves and their customers from data loss and fraud.

It provides immediate verification of third-party registration and certification status, and fraud monitoring combined with behaviour monitoring to flag potentially fraudulent requests in real time.

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Single point of truth

Validates third parties' registration status against all relevant directories, including National Competent Authority and Qualified Trust Service registers.


Network-level view

Uses network-level data on a given third-party provider to spot trends and changes to regular activities.

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Integrates with existing systems

Can be used to augment existing fraud monitoring systems.

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Open Banking Connect

A single, universal connection to financial institutions’ Open Banking functionality, providing third parties with scale, resilience and speed to market.

Open Banking Resolve

A centralised enquiry and dispute resolution service to provide clarity, consistency and transparency for all participants in the Open Banking ecosystem.

Consulting Services

Professional advice and hands-on support to help financial institutions define and execute a strategy to thrive in the Open Banking ecosystem.